Data Science with Python Training Certification Course

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LotusITHub Python training institute will help you to learn the Python programming concepts like Data Operations, File Operations, Object-Oriented concepts, and various Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib and many more. Python Data Science training institute will help in gaining knowledge in data analysis, Machine Learning, data visualization, web scraping, and Natural Language Processing and more. Python course will make you industry-ready with the help of real-life case-studies and equipping you with relevant live projects.

Data Science with Python Training Certification Course

About Python Certification Course

Python Certification Course in Pune will introduce the fundamental python programming techniques, the course will introduce data manipulation and cleaning techniques using the popular python pandas data science library. The learner will come to know about the abstraction of the Series and DataFrame as the central data structures for data analysis, assisted with handful tutorials on the use cases such as groupby, merge, and pivot tables effectively.

Python classes in Pune will cover Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation, Applied Machine Learning, Applied Text Mining, Applied Social Network Analysis and many such things in Python.


Why should you take Python Programming Certification Course?

  • Python is the future of AI and Machine Learning and Python training in Pune will make you future ready
  • Python and Python 3 has huge industry demand and job opportunities will high scale salary
  • New technologies like data science and machine learning prefer Python as a new programming language


Skills covered at Python training certification course

  • Data wrangling, Data exploration, Data Cleansing and Data visualization
  • Mathematical computing, Web scraping and Hypothesis building
  • Python programming concepts and Pandas
  • NumPy, SciPy package, Scikit-Learn package for Natural Language Processing


How does the Python course specialization work?

  • Python data analytics includes Installation of Anaconda & Work Within The iPytjhon/Jupyter environment which is the most powerful Framework of Python used in Data Science Analysis
  • Aspirant can become the Proficient by learning the most commonly used Python Data Science Packages like Numpy, Pandas, Scikit & Matplotlib
  • To Read In Data From Different Sources we teach some Data analysis techniques (Including Webpage Data) & Clean The Data
  • Data analytics include the Data Exploratory & Pre-processing tasks such as Tabulation, Pivoting & Data Summarizing that can be used for various purpose while working on Python projects
  • Data Visualization & Understand Techniques are applied for the complex data analysis, the commonly used statistical Data Analysis Techniques In Python are T-Tests & Linear Regression
  • Deep understanding of Machine Learning & Statistical Data Analysis will help to build and evaluate Neural Networks & Deep Learning Algorithms.
  • The Python courses that help you master a skill, includes a hands-on project to complete the Specialization and earn your certificate


Data Science with Python Course Curriculum

The demand for Data Science professionals is high in the technical industry, therefore, Data Science with Python training is beneficial for analytics professionals having a genuine interest in Data Science. Professional willing to work on the Python is recommended to learn Python Basics, Math Refresher, Data Science in Real Life, and Statistics Essentials which are essential to grow in Python and move on for Data Science.


At Python training institute in Pune, the candidate will learn to conduct an inferential statistical analysis, data visualization, data analysis and more with some of the theoretical concepts related to data science. However, the majority of the course focuses on implementing a new concept or technique which you may apply to your own projects.

Who can join the Python course in Pune?

Anyone Who wants to learn Data Science using Python, Machine Learning Algorithms using Python, Deep Learning using Python. Aspirant looking to become proficient in Data Analysis, Statistical Modelling & Visualizations using iPython.

LotuITHub Python training certification course in Pune is open for all at Karve Nagar, Dhayari, Warje, Narhe, and Kothrud, anyone who wants to join and can visit and attend our FREE demo session anytime.

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