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Lotus IT Hub: Your one-stop destination for all online IT Classes (C, C++)

C and C++ are computer programming languages used by developers. They are used to construct desktop, web, and mobile programs. C and C++ play a crucial part in back-end programming. And unlike other programming languages which may lose their touch in the future, C++ is here to stay; as it’s quite adaptable and has adapted quickly alongside programmer and software needs.


Why you should learn C++, Will it play a crucial part in the future? 


C is a good choice for writing both system and application software because it combines the advantages of an assembly language and a high-level language. C is a highly portable language, which means code written on one machine can be moved to another. And cause it’s a highly portable language used for cross-platform app development. 


Classes, inheritance, polymorphism, data abstraction, and encapsulation are all features of C++ that promote code reuse and program maintainability.


How can it help students?


If you want to create high-end desktop games, sophisticated productivity tools, or complex computationally intensive programs, or want to interact directly with a computer’s hardware, C and C++ are the languages for you. Furthermore, many tech companies continuously look for people who have good knowledge of C/C++

Major Career in C/C++


There are various job positions such as Software Engineer,  Senior Engineer, Technical Architect, and Team Lead or application areas for a career in the C programming language. And After gaining experience in this language, you can apply for high-level programming positions. 


The best thing about knowing C programming is that it can be used in any field, including banking, networking, IT, education, and management. Almost every company requires C programmers. C programmers have separate job positions and levels in many organizations from other language programmers.



 Why LOTUS IT HUB, Pune? 


Lotus It Hub is a prominent IT training company in Pune, we offer a wide range of training approaches as well as real-time learning experiences to create comprehensive learning solutions. From the fundamentals to the advanced, from Python to SQL to C++, you can learn anything under one roof.


Furthermore, companies like Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Oracle, Wipro come on Institute. It gives a great learning opportunity to our students. 


Lotus IT Hub guarantees that career development activities are in line with organizational goals in order to benefit both individuals and the firm.


Lotus IT Hub: Your one-stop destination for all IT Classes (C, C++)


Summing it up, C++ is widely used in finance, app development, game development, and virtual reality industries. Because of C++’s scalability, it is often used to build resource-intensive apps. In addition, because C++ is a statically typed language, it is usually faster than dynamically typed languages.


Ending with why you need to get trained in C/C++ 


  1. Enhanced employee efficiency:

 A good training program can help the company’s employees work efficiently. In addition, training builds confidence, which is reflected in the output and results.


  1. Less supervision

A worker must be supervised. Less supervision is needed when an employee is properly trained. This eases the supervisor’s workload.


  1. Less waste:

Training reduces employee waste and thus saves the company money.


Learn OOPs & All Java Concept At LotuITHub?

In the interview, the usual question you face is regarding “Object-Oriented Programming” (OOP) which is associated with concepts like class, object, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, etc.

Learn OOPs & All Java Concept At LotuITHub

Java is one of the sought-after languages for beginners and professionals also. But the heck is for what classes, objects and methods are used? Why do we need inheritance and polymorphism? and more. At Java classes in Pune, an aspirant can learn everything about the OOPs, in detail.

  • Inheritance

In the Inheritance class properties of one class can be inherited by the other where reuse of code is possible to establish relationships between different classes. As we know in the biological system due to DNA child inherits some of the parent properties. Similarly, here “Child Class” (Subclass or derived class) inherits the properties from the “Parent Class” (Super or base class), inheritance is further classified into four types:

Let’s understand the concept with examples, where, Class A is your parent class and Class B is your child class

  1.       Single Inheritance


Class A {—}

Class B extends A {—}

  1.       Multilevel Inheritance

Please find the example below, where, A is the parent class for B and class B is the parent class for C.


Class A {—}

Class B extends A {—}

Class C extends B {—}

  1.       Hierarchical Inheritance

Please find the example below, where, Class B and C are the child classes that are inheriting from the parent class i.e Class A.

Class A {—}

Class B extends A {—}

Class C extends A {—}

  1.       Hybrid Inheritance

Class A and B extends class C → Hierarchical inheritance

Class D extends class A → Single inheritance

class C {

   public void disp() {



class A extends C{

   public void disp(){



class B extends C{

   public void disp(){



class D extends A{

   public void disp(){



   public static void main(String args[]){

D obj = new D();



  • Encapsulation

We can achieve encapsulation in Java by:

  1. Variable of the class are private.
  2. Public setter and getter methods are defined to modify and view the variable’s values.


public class Employee {

 private String name;

 public String getName() {

 return name;


 public void setName(String name) { = name;


 public static void main(String[] args) {



  • Abstraction

At Java coaching classes in Pune, an aspirant will learn the abstraction concept of Java programming in two ways:

  1.       Abstract Class

For the abstraction, you need to inherit the class from another class

The syntax of an abstract class:

Abstract class Mobile {   // abstract class mobile

Abstract void run();      // abstract method


  1.       Interface

In the abstraction class, an interface is a group of related methods with empty bodies.


public interface ParentCar {

public void changeGear( int newValue);

public void speedUp(int increment);

public void applyBrakes(int decrement);


  • Polymorphism

Java training institutes in Pune is the best place to understand the keen concepts of Java programming with real-life examples. Polymorphism defines one interface or method with multiple implementations.

Polymorphism in Java is of two types:

  1.       Runtime polymorphism


public Class BowlerClass{

void bowlingMethod(){

System.out.println(” bowler “);


public Class FastPacer{

void bowlingMethod(){

System.out.println(” fast bowler “);


Public static void main(String[] args){

FastPacer obj= new FastPacer();



  1.       Compile time polymorphism


class Adder {

Static int add(int a, int b){

return a+b;


static double add( double a, double b){

return a+b;


public static void main(String args[]){




This will help the aspirant to get an overview of the Object-Oriented programming concept of Java. To learn in-detail Java programming with practical implementation, visit LotusITHub institute at any of our branches in Pune. You can meet us at Karve Nagar, Kothrud, Narhe, Warje, Dhayari in our office for a free demo session on any of software technology, aptitude, English speaking along with expert guidance. Got a question for us? Please visit our site for detail knowledge at or visit us asap.

Complete C++ learning classes in Pune!

If you are learning and thinking to learn C++ then I must suggest that you are on the right track because C++ is the object-oriented language which is the of numerous emerging technologies. In every other second, IT world speculates the future of the programming language and applies it on the new projects where C++ classes can be used.

C++ coaching classes in Pune

It is created in 1979 and earns popularity with its applicability among the software industries. At the learner stage or for beginner Cpp coaching is important because it will help them to make their base strong and to grasp multiple technologies on the same base.

Many people think that C++ doesn’t have any application but they don’t know the truth ‘under the surface’ but at C++ coaching classes in Pune aspirant can understand the flow of the language and applicability. The advantage package of C++ includes:

  •       It is one of the efficient and rapid languages and optimizes the huge amount of data, therefore mostly used in big and robust applications.
  •       Applications where data processing is crucial and efficiency reduces the energy usage for such mobile applications it can be used.
  •       Software giant such as a Microsoft, Oracle, Mozilla, Opera, PayPal, Evernote, LinkedIn and more has C++ as a main technology base.
  •       Google chrome one of the major browsers is primarily designed in C++ which brings high performance and big stability for it. C++ classes is the only way to understand the paradigm of this language over the web, application, and even in the gaming industry.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is the core of C++ which aspirant can learn at C++ training in Pune. OOP concept is basically associated with the class and object other than that Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation are four major pillars which make it strong. OOP as the name suggests “Object” is the main player in the language and the collection of objects creates a class. During C++ course in Pune you will come to know that it aims to implement the real-world entities such as inheritance, overloading, exception handling, etc. in programming.

At C++ software trainingyou can learn to bind the data together and functions that operate the data can access it. It will give you a superficial view of the C++ as one of the irreplaceable in most of the applications and that makes it unique besides of being lengthy.

LotusITHub is of the known and leading training institute in Pune with branches scattered across the City. We have our notable presence at Karve Nagar, Narhe, Warje, Kothrud, Dhayari, etc, which make the aspirant easy to approach regarding their queries. If you want to learn, C++, Python, Java, SQL, PHP, ASP.Net, or any other trending technologies you can visit our institute at any of the above-mentioned branches and we will assure you with the proper guidance. LotusITHub has a team of technical experts from various fields to make you train in each field. Conquer the path of success by visiting us right now!

C Programming

C is a programming language developed at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972.It was designed and written by a man named Dennis Ritchie.
There were many languages discovered before C like BCPL IN 1969,B in 1970 but all were failed in the long run.

Facts about C

• C was invented to write an operating system called UNIX.
• The language was formalized in 1988 by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).
• Today’s most popular Linux OS and RDBMS MySQL have been written in C.
• Iphone ,Twitter website and most of the antiviruses are also written in C.
• Turbo C++ is a popular compiler for C language.

Features of C

• C is a middle-level programming language.
• C is the mother level of other programming languages.
• C is a case-sensitive language.
• C is a procedure-oriented language.
• C supports top to bottom process.
Uses of C in daily life

• Major parts of operating systems like Windows,UNIX,Linux and Android are written in C.
• Mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets are getting smarter due to programs and operating systems which are builded by C language.
• Most of the 3D computer games are fast just
Because of C which is the builder of most of the gaming frameworks.

Getting Started With C

• Preprocessor-The preprocessor offers several features called preprocessor directives.Each of these begins with a # symbol and are often placed at the beginning of the program.
• Header file-is a library file which contains all the functions.
# include is the preprocessor directive for C and C++,which contains all header files which contains functions.
is a type of header file which means ‘standard input and output’.It contains all the functions like printf ,scanf.
is a type of header file which means ‘console input and output’ .It contains all the functions like getch();clrscr().
‘.h’ is the extension for header files.
Keywords-There are 32 keywords reserved in C language.
‘void’ is a keyword which does not return anything.
main() means startup of a code.
‘printf’ is used to get the output whereas’ scanf’ is used to give the input with respect to a certain function and a symbol of &(ampersand) is used with the variable inside the ‘scanf’ function.
‘comment’ is used to hide the line.

Symbol of comment-‘//’

‘getch()’-is used to identify the function.
– Is used to hold the console screen.
}-‘closure of the source code’

Data Type

Data type refers to an extensive system used for declaring variables or functions of different types.Data type is used for memory allocation which stores some data.






Format Specifire




2 bytes






4 bytes

-3.4*e^10^(-8) to 3.4*e^10(8)





1 byte

-128 to 127

% c

Some symbols-\t –used for space
\n-used for newline


An operator is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform specific mathematical or logical functions.
Types of operators-

  1. Arithmetic Operators- +,-,*,/
  2. Relational Operators- a<b,a>b,a<=b,a>=b,a==b
  3. Logical Operators-AND, OR, NOT
  4. Bitwise Operators->> which means if 9>>2;9/2*2=2
    << which means if 2<<0;2*2*0=2

  5. Assignment Operators-
    If a=10 and a=b implies that ‘b’ is assigned to ‘a’(right to left).
    Also , a+ =a+b

  6. Procedure Association-
  7. Increment or Decrement-
  8. These are of two types-
    Pre increment (or pre decrement) and Post decrement(or post decrement).

    C++ Classes in Pune

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