Angular JS Classes and its model objects!

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AngularJS is the trending technology using this you can create your own application quickly and in the simplest way, as the name suggests AngularJS is related to JavaScript and that you will learn at Angular JS classes in detail.

Angular JS Classes

Unlike other training institutes, Lotus IT Hub’s angular JS classes provide you standardize ways to define model object where model part of MVC is the scope of the object and on the other hand, the model object is a JavaScript version of a class instance. The people or precisely an aspirant familiar with object-oriented programming will feel right at home while using model object where object-oriented programming and functional programming are the core of AngularJS.


An expert tutor from our AngularJS training institute in Pune will help students to understand classes instantiation where constructor can have public, private and static properties as well as methods. JavaScript is defined as a named function with methods added to the prototype with the advantage of sharing function with the object of the same class and saving memory.


Two basic yet important things candidate can learn at Angular JS course in Pune are here, firstly, the name of the constructor and Angular factory are two different things yet with the same name to avoid confusion and help when you log an instance to the console. Secondly, wrapping classes in Angular factory leverage you to use dependency injection where model object itself can be injected in application or can inject other stuff into the factory.


Lotus IT Hub is a complete package deal to learn Java, JavaScript, and AngularJS at the single door. Angular can be run across the situation where injected service has different applicability and implementations depending on the context. Using a common interface while dealing with the class that needs access to different data sources can be achieved with an Angular service which might not possible to compile into the JavaScript output of TypeScript.


All these functionalities and its applicability you will learn in open platform only at Lotus IT Hub’s AngularJS classes under one roof. Our branches are situated at different locations in Pune which include Karve Nagar, Kothrud, Narhe, Warje, Dhayari, and more. For any query kindly click on or connect with us at any time through the phone or through a personal visit at any of our branches.

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