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Get Started With Angular JS At LotuITHub

Angular is the globally used web development framework in all the industrial verticals to get the job in this highly competitive market. Today, when the economy is moving down Angular JS certification, can make a platform for you with a handsome salary. However, if you are still not familiar with this technology then let’s start from scratch.

Angular certification training

What are the learning objectives of the Angular JS classes in Pune?

Angular JS course will help you in basic web application development starting from single and multiple page application. Topics LotusITHub cover in Angular JS training is given below:

  • Building Blocks of Web Application Development
  • Web Application Architecture
  • Introduction to Angular
  • Comparison between front-end tools
  • Angular Architecture
  • Building blocks of Angular
  • Angular Installation
  • Angular CLI
  • Angular CLI commands
  • Angular Modules
  • Understanding files in Angular
  • Node.js, Angular CLI and Visual Studio Code Installation



Angular JS certification in Pune will teach you about Angular components and data binding to build the application layout using selectors, templates and styles.

  • Working of Angular Applications
  • Angular App Bootstrapping
  • Angular Components
  • Creating A Component Through Angular CLI
  • Ways to specify selectors
  • Template and styles
  • Installing bootstrap to design application
  • Data Binding
  • Types of Data Binding
  • Component Interaction using @Input and @Output decorator
  • Angular Animations
  • Component Life-cycle Hook
  • Building application using components and data binding

Angular JS certification training course in Pune will teach you about directives and pipes in Angular JS

  • Understanding Angular Directives
  • @Component Directive
  • Structural Directives
  • Attribute Directives
  • Custom Directives
  • Pipes
  • Built-in Pipes
  • Chaining pipes
  • Custom pipes
  • PipeTransform Interface & Transform Function
  • Pure and Impure pipes
  • Add built-in directives and create custom directives to build the application
  • Use built-in pipe and custom pipe to transform the output in the application


Analyse The Evolution Of Angular JS

Angular JS is the Open-source Java-script framework used for the client-side web application development that can be used to design or program the web pages. Java Script is usually used for the interface interaction, slideshows and other interactive components.  Java Script is also used for the server-side development, and Node JS is the kind of example for the same.

In the Angular JS training, an aspirant will learn JavaScript libraries to reduce the code length and makes the HTML document traversal whereas Ajax is simpler with an easy to use API. Angular JS is specially designed to lessen the developer efforts by providing the structural environment.

During Angular JS classes in Pune, our experts will make you aware of the JavaScript and JQuery which are the important pillars of the Angular JS. Angular JS is multifeatured language and it is one of the most demanded software programming languages across the globe.

LotusITHub is one of the well-known and reputed Angular JS training institute in Pune, we have experienced industry experts and our board. Our Angular JS course covers al the syllabus with the practical approach, we make sure that our students will implement their study on the live project. This experience makes them aware of industry standards and boost-up their practical knowledge. LotusITHub has their branches in various areas Pune like Karve Nagar, Dhayari, Warje, Narhe, and Kothrud; interested candidates can visit our institute anytime to attend the FREE demo session and to know more please click on www.lotusithub.com.


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Accessibility Issues In The Angular JS Application

Angular JS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework introduced by Google for developing single-page applications. While learning to develop single-page Angular JS Application at Angular JS classes in Pune, focused elements are the software architecture, performance, security, testability, and maintainability of the software but not the accessibility. Besides taking it for granted the Google experts are developing high-quality Angular Components and the Angular CDK (Component Development Kit), for several tools to improve accessibility.

 Angular JS training institute in Pune

How Angular and Angular CDK assist developers in solving accessibility issues?


In the Angular JS accessibility starts from the UI design phase where color palates are decided to meet the accessibility standards. With the use of right typography, simple animations and user interaction can reduce the error intensity in reading and understanding the application. The angular CDK provides a mixin CDK-high-contrast to style high contrast mode users. At the Angular JS course in Pune, users will learn a variety of assistive technologies to interact with web-based software applications.

 Accessibility attributes  

ARIA attribute is involved to provide web-accessible semantic & the attribute binding template syntax that control the values of accessibility-related attributes.


content_copy<!– Use attr. when binding to an ARIA attribute –>

<button [attr.aria-label]=”myActionLabel”>…</button>

The syntax is used for attribute bindings. Static ARIA attributes require no extra syntax.

content_copy<!– Static ARIA attributes require no extra syntax –>

<button aria-label=”Save document”>…</button>


Angular UI components

The enrolled candidate will come to know about the Angular material library at Angular JS classes in Pune The suite of reusable UI components used with the native HTML elements with the standard interaction patterns that are important to accessibility. Live Announcement is one of the most important features provided by angular CDK in the applications for the visually impaired users on various social places.


For example:

LiveAnnouncer is used to announce messages as a standard interaction pattern for screen-reader users using an aria-live region.

For example, create a component that uses an attribute selector with a native <button> element. That applies to <button> and <a>, but can be used with many other types of element.

Example: MatButton, MatTabNav, MatTable.


Using containers for native elements

The appropriate native element requires a container element. For example, the native <input> element cannot have children, so custom text entry components need to wrap an <input> with additional elements. This makes it impossible for users of the component to set arbitrary properties and attributes to the input element by creating a container component that uses content projection to include the native control in the component’s API.


Example – MatFormField


Use of Semantic HTML

With the help of native elements, the proper semantics accessibility issues can be solved to boost-up the SEO of the application. Here semantic tags like nav, aside, main, section, fieldset, header, footer, etc. come in use instead of just using div and span.

Use the correct order for headings (h1-h6).      

  • Use alt attribute on img element.
  • Use alt attribute on img element.
  • Use button’s for clickables.
  • Avoid positive tabindex .
  • Add captions for video and audio.


Accessibility for interactions

Keyboard navigation is specially designed for motor disabilities and will help users navigate websites using just a keyboard. Angular CDK provides ListKeyManager for keyboard interaction using components like menus, dropdowns, selects, list boxes, etc.


Codelyzer and accessibility

In all the Angular CLI projects Codelyzer is used to detect a few common accessibility issues in Angular templates. 



Accessibility is a must for all web applications and it should be considered in the project development lifecycle. The Angular JS training institute in Pune will make the tools available to create Accessible Components, for developers to utilize them and create accessible Angular applications.


At LotusITHub’s Angular JS classes in Pune, aspirants can learn to build the application using the trending technologies and can work on all upgraded versions. The training sessions and live project demo will help the candidates to get the live experience before entering into the actual industry. We have our branches at all the vertices of Pune, you can visit us at Karve Nagar, Warje, Narhe, Dhayari, and Kothrud. Click on the www.lotusithub.com for a brief introduction and visit us to book your seat now.

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