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Accessibility Issues In The Angular JS Application

Angular JS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework introduced by Google for developing single-page applications. While learning to develop single-page Angular JS Application at Angular JS classes in Pune, focused elements are the software architecture, performance, security, testability, and maintainability of the software but not the accessibility. Besides taking it for granted the Google experts are developing high-quality Angular Components and the Angular CDK (Component Development Kit), for several tools to improve accessibility.

 Angular JS training institute in Pune

How Angular and Angular CDK assist developers in solving accessibility issues?


In the Angular JS accessibility starts from the UI design phase where color palates are decided to meet the accessibility standards. With the use of right typography, simple animations and user interaction can reduce the error intensity in reading and understanding the application. The angular CDK provides a mixin CDK-high-contrast to style high contrast mode users. At the Angular JS course in Pune, users will learn a variety of assistive technologies to interact with web-based software applications.

 Accessibility attributes  

ARIA attribute is involved to provide web-accessible semantic & the attribute binding template syntax that control the values of accessibility-related attributes.


content_copy<!– Use attr. when binding to an ARIA attribute –>

<button [attr.aria-label]=”myActionLabel”>…</button>

The syntax is used for attribute bindings. Static ARIA attributes require no extra syntax.

content_copy<!– Static ARIA attributes require no extra syntax –>

<button aria-label=”Save document”>…</button>


Angular UI components

The enrolled candidate will come to know about the Angular material library at Angular JS classes in Pune The suite of reusable UI components used with the native HTML elements with the standard interaction patterns that are important to accessibility. Live Announcement is one of the most important features provided by angular CDK in the applications for the visually impaired users on various social places.


For example:

LiveAnnouncer is used to announce messages as a standard interaction pattern for screen-reader users using an aria-live region.

For example, create a component that uses an attribute selector with a native <button> element. That applies to <button> and <a>, but can be used with many other types of element.

Example: MatButton, MatTabNav, MatTable.


Using containers for native elements

The appropriate native element requires a container element. For example, the native <input> element cannot have children, so custom text entry components need to wrap an <input> with additional elements. This makes it impossible for users of the component to set arbitrary properties and attributes to the input element by creating a container component that uses content projection to include the native control in the component’s API.


Example – MatFormField


Use of Semantic HTML

With the help of native elements, the proper semantics accessibility issues can be solved to boost-up the SEO of the application. Here semantic tags like nav, aside, main, section, fieldset, header, footer, etc. come in use instead of just using div and span.

Use the correct order for headings (h1-h6).      

  • Use alt attribute on img element.
  • Use alt attribute on img element.
  • Use button’s for clickables.
  • Avoid positive tabindex .
  • Add captions for video and audio.


Accessibility for interactions

Keyboard navigation is specially designed for motor disabilities and will help users navigate websites using just a keyboard. Angular CDK provides ListKeyManager for keyboard interaction using components like menus, dropdowns, selects, list boxes, etc.


Codelyzer and accessibility

In all the Angular CLI projects Codelyzer is used to detect a few common accessibility issues in Angular templates. 



Accessibility is a must for all web applications and it should be considered in the project development lifecycle. The Angular JS training institute in Pune will make the tools available to create Accessible Components, for developers to utilize them and create accessible Angular applications.


At LotusITHub’s Angular JS classes in Pune, aspirants can learn to build the application using the trending technologies and can work on all upgraded versions. The training sessions and live project demo will help the candidates to get the live experience before entering into the actual industry. We have our branches at all the vertices of Pune, you can visit us at Karve Nagar, Warje, Narhe, Dhayari, and Kothrud. Click on the www.lotusithub.com for a brief introduction and visit us to book your seat now.

Angular JS – Most Popular JavaScript Framework

Angular is mostly used for building the web, desktop, and mobile applications that involve Typescript, a subset of JavaScript. Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks used in building web applications. Angular has three most known versions viz; Angular 1 (known as Angular JS), Angular 2, and Angular 4.

Angular JS – Most Popular JavaScript Framework

How all the version of Angular works?

At Angular classes in Pune, the candidates can come to know about the work process of the Angular and how each version works. Initially, Angular 1 was introduced followed by Angular 2 with some added features. Later by skipping version 3, the team has introduced the Angular 4 where Angular 2 code can be compiled easily. Angular JS and Angular 2 are quite different from each other whereas Angular 2 and Angular 4 share similar properties. Google has scheduled to release an upgraded version of twice a year however, Angular 4 is widely used and most popular among the developers. Angular 2 and above versions are backwards compatible.


Advantages of Using Angular JS

Angular JS coaching classes in Pune are famous for their practical tutorial where students can learn the practical and industrial advantages of using Angular JS. Single Page Application (SPA) loads the single HTML page and the page is uploaded dynamically. SPAs communicate with the back-end servers without refreshing the full web page. 

  • Two-way data binding

The two-way data binding in Angular JS used for automatic retrievals from (and updates to) the data store. In the Angular JS Institute in Pune, the student will also learn to update UI immediately when the datastore gets updated.

  • Modularity

In the Angular the modularity is organized in the form of “buckets”, and each bucket is known as “Module”. The module consists of related components, directives, pipes, and services that can be grouped to create an application. Module kept code organized and division of labour can be done properly while maintaining the code consistency.

  • Reduce coding

Angular supports MVC (Model View Controller) architecture where the developer can just split the code to make it fit into the MVC structure.

  • Declarative User Interface

Angular uses HTML for defining the user interface because HTML is intuitive, declarative, and less complex than JavaScript. 

  • Easy Integration

Integration of third-party features is easy with Angular as it has several pre-built frameworks like Ionic, Telerik’s Kendo UI, Wijmo, etc.

  • Cross-Platform

Angular Classes in Pune will make you learn how to design & develop web applications, native mobile applications, and desktop applications for Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. which is more useful in the software industry. 

Industrial Importance of Angular

Several large and popular websites are built on Angular. Some of them are as are The Guardian, PayPal, Netflix, YouTube for PS3, Lego, Freelancer, and more which make it one of the demanding platforms in the market. There are huge job opportunities are available in the various industrial sector for the skilled Angular JS developers which is the most important thing for the aspirants.

Since Angular JS is very different from the Angular versions 2 and above, which learner can understand and implement at Angular JS classes in Pune. LotusITHub is one of the best training institutes in Pune which provides all the type of training and coaching to the aspiring students. We have branches at Karve Nagar, Narhe, Warje, Dhayari, and Kothrud. For any enquiry or to attend the demo session, or for quick help, you can visit our website www.lotusithub.com. If Angular attracts you then we have got you covered considering the huge advantages of using Angular and a massive demand for this skill in the market, it is surely advisable to learn Angular.

Future Scope Of Angular Training Course To Shape-Up The Career!

Angular JS is an open source framework that enables the browser to dynamically render and display content with increasing UI flexibility to give intuitive web pages designs. Angular JS is highly growing technology in the application world and it has a tremendous demand in the enterprising industry with high pay.


Angular JS classes in Pune

Angular JS is the JavaScript framework used to build front end dynamic and interactive single page applications. Angular JS classes in Pune can provide proper guidance to understand JavaScript and Angular JS concept in an easy way. We also assist rising developers to build most architecture and maintainable web applications with the essential integrating features offered by the directive. For the people who want to achieve high goals in the IT sector, for those Angular JS training institute in Pune can help to pave the path of glory in the competitive IT world. Angular JS is the next big thing for the web applications with its elegant frameworks that is driving the business growth so, it’s a wise decision to choose it as a career to design a brighter tomorrow.

Angular JS is flooded with the features which mainly include modules, directives, templets, scope, expressions, MVC (Model, View, Controller), Validation, Services, Routing, Dependency Injection, Testing and more. Enterprise applications developed today, target the ubiquitous support in the web applications, mobile or desktop applications as well. Angular JS classes in Pune will guide you in developing skills in this leading technology along with its spikes in trends like NodeJS, Java, etc. to maintain its pace for owning an extensive use.

LotusITHub is the ground of technologies where a newbie can start their career path with expert’s assistance, our Angular JS Training course is designed for all the enthused developers over there. For the quick scope of interest connect with us now, click on www.lotusithub.com and choose the best for you!

Is angular js classes in Pune are worth for learning?

Yes, I must say! Before we dive into Deep Ocean of learning & understanding of angular js let me tell it is the most popular JavaScript framework by which you can implement the things and build a hybrid application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At angular js course in Pune, you will come to know why angular js booming framework among its entire competitor is. Because it has numbers of features and some advanced aspects which are easy to learn and come as complements with JavaScript & Jquery.

Is angular js classes in Pune are worth for learning?

Five basic pillars you will learn at angular js classes in Pune


With directives, you can create your own HTML element with custom functionality.


Controllers are able to organize functionality across the group of DOM element


It’s communicating media between JavaScript & HTML; it works as a glue between the codes


To share the code with different controllers’ services is to perform this functionality

Dependency Injections (DI)

DI is equivalent to ‘require’ and used in node.js or ruby; this term particularly is the part of the code to get its dependencies.

Advantages of joining the angular js training institute in Pune

  • A big amount of interactive client-side code with the application orientation
  • Single page dynamic app solution
  • Rapid development process
  • Demands less code in some cases
  • Updated testing features
  • Model-view-controller balance


Beneficial aspects of Angular js classes in Pune for aspirants

  • It is the world’s current hottest and most innovative technology
  • If you have an interest in JavaScript, Html and want to amazing things in JavaScript, then angular js is the gateway pass for you
  • Want growth in the technological background then angular js will give you 100% hike
  • Angular js can be way out to fly high overseas and accomplished your dreams
  • If you really want to contribute in the IT world then the innovative approach of angular help you to explore your wings knowledge

It is always worthy to learn this high demand language and for this angular js classes in Pune is the perfect way out for rising career of an aspirants. Lotus IT Hub is the angular js training institute in Karve Nagar, Pune. For a better understanding of complex technologies and concepts click on www.lotusithub.com don’t get confused! For a free consultation visit our premises at Karve Nagar, Pune.

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