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Build The Spreadsheet App At Python Classes In Pune!

Have you heard about Data Science, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning? These are the trending buzz in the techno-world and entry pass for the coming generation to set their vision for innovation. Python classes in Pune are the roadmap to lesser the radius to capture this vision with some integrated versions to make life easier.

Python training, Python training classes in pune

Python training, Python training classes in pune

While working on the multiple tools like R Studio and Excel for data integration kind of projects, you need to run through the undefined row counts, therefore, to avoid it you must need to find something straightforward to provide the convenient environment and associated workflow. And to resolve this problem productively, data science comes in the picture to integrate the workflow into a single, modern and easy to use application.

How will Python do help?

Grid studio is a known web-based application similar to the spreadsheets like Google Sheets or Microsoft excel. For the larger database management, proper concatenations of the data are required in the provided system and for that deep feature integration of the Python language can be a saviour. Python training in Pune will help you to combine the simple UI with the Python as a full-fledged programming language. Data in a tabular format are a simple view of any spreadsheet with a natural display, and Python script will combine it with UI to give the same experience in just a few lines to execute it directly.


How to use Python in spreadsheet application?

Python course in Pune will introduce you with the potential Python functioning that will help you to automate data entry, extraction, visualization and more things. It will help you to read and write the data in between the high-performance sheet’s data and the Python processes with the provided interfaces.

While writing custom spreadsheet function tutor from Python training in Pune will provide flexibility through interfaces which will help to write a custom function that can be called directly in your spreadsheet.

At Python classes in Pune, you will come across the Python ecosystem that will enable the simple access to powerful models like linear regression and SVMs for managing and integrating data systematically. 

LotusITHub is a renown Python training institute in Pune to start training from basic open-source plug-ins to the spreadsheet integration into single to multiple coherent products into fully loaded Excel environment. As Python has evolved from the IPython to JupytorLab, it has ability to roam flawlessly through the data code and offers a comfortable work environment to all the leading technologies like data science. Therefore, Python course in Pune will help you to set your career path in the right direction, but to find the direction of LotusItHub at Pune visit Karve Nagar, Kothrud, Narhe, Warje, Dhayari, and Wadgaon and learn such competing technologies at the incredibly low price

Angular JS Classes and its model objects!

AngularJS is the trending technology using this you can create your own application quickly and in the simplest way, as the name suggests AngularJS is related to JavaScript and that you will learn at Angular JS classes in detail.

Angular JS Classes

Unlike other training institutes, Lotus IT Hub’s angular JS classes provide you standardize ways to define model object where model part of MVC is the scope of the object and on the other hand, the model object is a JavaScript version of a class instance. The people or precisely an aspirant familiar with object-oriented programming will feel right at home while using model object where object-oriented programming and functional programming are the core of AngularJS.


An expert tutor from our AngularJS training institute in Pune will help students to understand classes instantiation where constructor can have public, private and static properties as well as methods. JavaScript is defined as a named function with methods added to the prototype with the advantage of sharing function with the object of the same class and saving memory.


Two basic yet important things candidate can learn at Angular JS course in Pune are here, firstly, the name of the constructor and Angular factory are two different things yet with the same name to avoid confusion and help when you log an instance to the console. Secondly, wrapping classes in Angular factory leverage you to use dependency injection where model object itself can be injected in application or can inject other stuff into the factory.


Lotus IT Hub is a complete package deal to learn Java, JavaScript, and AngularJS at the single door. Angular can be run across the situation where injected service has different applicability and implementations depending on the context. Using a common interface while dealing with the class that needs access to different data sources can be achieved with an Angular service which might not possible to compile into the JavaScript output of TypeScript.


All these functionalities and its applicability you will learn in open platform only at Lotus IT Hub’s AngularJS classes under one roof. Our branches are situated at different locations in Pune which include Karve Nagar, Kothrud, Narhe, Warje, Dhayari, and more. For any query kindly click on or connect with us at any time through the phone or through a personal visit at any of our branches.

Java Inception To Future Perception!

Java has always been a bashing programming language by many measures no matter what statistics market shows or whether people think that Java is now growing, stagnating, or dying still everyone has to accept it that Java had truly revolutionized and the LotusITHub’s Java Certification will definitely make you stand in the 21st century’s programming platform.

Java Inception To Future Perception

Java has flourished and brought the masses towards the programming language with the combined features that were previously available only separately or in various niche languages that you will understand and learn at Java classes in Pune.


Java has emerged in the late 90’s with its competitive languages like Haskell, Delphi, JavaScript Python, Ruby, PHP, etc. At the early stage, Java was striving to become a language for the “interactive Web” but unfortunately, JavaScript become the one but in its second inning, Java established its foothold in desktop application development and become one of the favorites for industries backend development.

Development of the huge application is considered in Java then and now as well, being the only language with the features like memory safety and automatic garbage collection. Java is an error-free language or it has fever chances of error creation as different kinds of reference and array-related failures in the Java are easier to identify and to troubleshoot and it is a big gift for desktop applications. Reading it is quite easy and on the same way At Java training institute in Pune aspirant will learn to execute the Java applications.

At Java classes, you will learn the Java’s ability to dynamically load code while maintaining the API’s that are object-oriented binary compatible were applicable for the “interactive web” and still proved to be invaluable for the backend. Gradually the term “application server” had taken the place of “Java application server” and ruled the backend world by shifting the micro-service architecture with the emergence of virtualization and containers.

Java’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) becomes a big desktop UI application with various plugins which are the combination of static typing, managed memory, dynamic code loading, and cross-platform-ness that allows Java to scale up development and build such kind of feature-rich IDEs.

Initially designed Java was not included with micro-system or pre-processor because the only focus at that time was simplicity and cross-platform but with the demand made Java an exceedingly well suited to safeguard and automate refactoring in IDE. Java course in Pune will help to understand the automated nature of Java on the individual platform.


As with the passing year software development landscape is changing every sector and are getting revolutionized including the area that Java has captured eventually are also getting transformed. Desktop development is becoming more professional and enterprise-oriented where mass-market consumers are looking forward to the web and mobile applications. Yet, Java is never going to be out of date moreover, Java’s immense impact is here to stay and to dominate the landscape in the coming future.  To capture this future perception Java training in Pune is going to be your path maker that will help you to pave the journey with ease.

LotusITHub institute is situated in Pune at Karve Nagar, Warje, Dhayari, Kothrud, Narhe, and at many other places, for quick inquiry, you can visit our website and can give a personal visit at any of these places. Java coaching classes will be going to be a pathmaker for the learner as the Java ingredient you will learn here will drive you around the millennium applications of Java. Long live Java!

Life of SQL from the eyes of the aspirants!

SQL is a domain specific language that enables its users to access the database, manage data and represent it in a particular manner. SQL classes will make you understand how to organize the gathered information with SQL platform that associates with front-end and bake-end database. To manage the large quantity of data, relational database management systems are used which are MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL server database.

best sql training in Pune

SQL was developed in IBM at the early 1970s for accessing and modifying data held in the database. Initially, SQL is called as SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language) which later termed as SQL into an official standard for the ANSI (American National Standard Institute) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standardized programming language that manages the rational database by performing various operation on the data. What are those operations? And how to perform them? Are the important things which aspirant can learn at SQL classes in Pune.

What is the difference between SQL and MySQL?

SQL and MySQL both are the most popular choices for the data management but there is a fine line between them that you can learn at SQL coaching to separate them from one another.

  •    MySQL is open source that offers only updateable views on the other hand SQL is not and it offers index view which is powerful performance wise.
  •    MySQL doesn’t support auto turning and XML whereas SQL supports both the features.
  •    User-defined functions, extensive transactions, stored procedures are supported and functioned by SQL but not by the MySQL.
  •    Job scheduling and profiling, cursor feature, etc. are available in SQL but not in MySQL.

These are the basic feature that experts from our SQL coaching classes will explain you in an elaborate manner with the practical examples.

SQL statements are superficially differentiated in four different categories:

  •    DML (Data Manipulation Language)
  •    DDL (Data Definition Language)
  •    DCL (Data Control Language)
  •    TCL (Transaction Control Language)

SQL utilizes numerous commands for the query execution that allows you to interact with data. All these commands manage and modify the vast volume of data effortlessly, and you will learn to execute these commands seamlessly at SQL training institute in Pune; here are some of the commands: SELECT, DELETE, CREATE DATABASE, INSERT INTO, ALERT DATABASE, CREATE TABLE, CREATE INDEX and more.

SQL is a universal open-source language that manages a million rows of data with technology evolution in a simplified manner. In this digitalized world every business is demanding a digital means of data for which SQL is the only ultimate solution. SQL is the magnificent and valuable language that every business desire to implement and for that query application as per the data storage demand is taught only at the LotusITHub situated at Karve Nagar, Narhe, Warje, Dhayari, Sinhgad road, and Kothrud.

LotusITHub is the renowned SQL coaching institute with the branches available at Narhe, Karve Nagar and all the above-mentioned places with the expert’s guidance. Aspirant can visit our SQL training institute for the detailed inquiry and can be a part powerful technology that can empower you to manage and store the huge quantity of data.

Complete C++ learning classes in Pune!

If you are learning and thinking to learn C++ then I must suggest that you are on the right track because C++ is the object-oriented language which is the of numerous emerging technologies. In every other second, IT world speculates the future of the programming language and applies it on the new projects where C++ classes can be used.

C++ coaching classes in Pune

It is created in 1979 and earns popularity with its applicability among the software industries. At the learner stage or for beginner Cpp coaching is important because it will help them to make their base strong and to grasp multiple technologies on the same base.

Many people think that C++ doesn’t have any application but they don’t know the truth ‘under the surface’ but at C++ coaching classes in Pune aspirant can understand the flow of the language and applicability. The advantage package of C++ includes:

  •       It is one of the efficient and rapid languages and optimizes the huge amount of data, therefore mostly used in big and robust applications.
  •       Applications where data processing is crucial and efficiency reduces the energy usage for such mobile applications it can be used.
  •       Software giant such as a Microsoft, Oracle, Mozilla, Opera, PayPal, Evernote, LinkedIn and more has C++ as a main technology base.
  •       Google chrome one of the major browsers is primarily designed in C++ which brings high performance and big stability for it. C++ classes is the only way to understand the paradigm of this language over the web, application, and even in the gaming industry.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is the core of C++ which aspirant can learn at C++ training in Pune. OOP concept is basically associated with the class and object other than that Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation are four major pillars which make it strong. OOP as the name suggests “Object” is the main player in the language and the collection of objects creates a class. During C++ course in Pune you will come to know that it aims to implement the real-world entities such as inheritance, overloading, exception handling, etc. in programming.

At C++ software trainingyou can learn to bind the data together and functions that operate the data can access it. It will give you a superficial view of the C++ as one of the irreplaceable in most of the applications and that makes it unique besides of being lengthy.

LotusITHub is of the known and leading training institute in Pune with branches scattered across the City. We have our notable presence at Karve Nagar, Narhe, Warje, Kothrud, Dhayari, etc, which make the aspirant easy to approach regarding their queries. If you want to learn, C++, Python, Java, SQL, PHP, ASP.Net, or any other trending technologies you can visit our institute at any of the above-mentioned branches and we will assure you with the proper guidance. LotusITHub has a team of technical experts from various fields to make you train in each field. Conquer the path of success by visiting us right now!

PHP training in Pune – A Mapping Roadmap for Future Developers!

PHP is one of the most popular web development languages, over 50 million domains use PHP including Wikipedia, Facebook, etc. Learning PHP at PHP training institute in Pune is the best way to start your carrier in the development sector. Let’s understand this language in a step by step manner in order to grasp the core of it:

Lotus it hub

PHP Core functions and classes

PHP classes and functions are the basic components that seems to be fairly common of which you can take advantage of.

PHP frameworks

Frameworks help in the web application development; API of the framework can bring amazing productivity and efficiency benefits.

Configuration File

PHP classes are important to configure the scattered data in a particular format and you can maintain it in a single file instead of several files.

Sanitize Data before fetching into the database

Good understanding of SQL injections for sanitizing your database inputs to get rid of the problem and PHP training is the only way to get familiar with the SQL injection and SQL injection attacks.

Error reporting at the time of development

Screen death is the common yet major issue in the PHP that encounters at the application building and to find the root cause of this problem error reporting and display errors that you can simplify easily after joining PHP classes in Pune.

Code documentation

Proper documentation of the code while scripting is really important and commenting on the complicated part of your source code to make it notable to revisit.

Code Snippets

Keeping code snippets available will help you to save time, throughout the PHP development carrier it is important to consider such minute things and for that PHP training is the only way to conquer.

Source editor

The source code editor is the one where you spend a maximum of your time other than that syntax highlighting, code hinting code navigation and built-in debugging tools are some features that developer can explore in PHP during their PHP training.

Administration Tool

MySQL is the popular database management tool that hard-core developers like to explore and to use a graphical interface like PHPMyAdmin to increase the speed and for database development and administration. PHP classes will drive you through the all PHP functionalities with practical demonstrations.

PHP training institute in Pune is becoming a roadmap for aspirants who want to become an expert PHP developer. LotusITHub is the ground of technology in Pune with branches available at Karve Nagar, Warje, Kothrud, Dhayari, etc. Aspirant can visit any of our branches for inquiry and can attend the demo session to take the closer view. You can visit us at for knowing about us in detail and can approach us at our office for a quick scope of actions.

Learn Python and Express concept in a few lines of Code!

What is Python? The standard definition of Python – “Python is the high-level programming language and the insight of its core design philosophy is code readability and a syntax which permits programmers to express concepts with a few lines of code.”

Python course

The first reason for joining Python classes in Pune is learning the beautiful language in this beautiful city with some really natural code to express thoughts and ideas. Python code is applicable in data science, web development, application development, machine learning, etc. Quora, Pinterest, and Spotify all use the Python code for their backend web development so, joining a Python course is worth decision in today’s tech-ecosystem.

What can I learn in the Python class?

  • Variable Work
  • Conditional statement work
  • Use of Lists: Collection | Array
  • Dictionary Key-Value Collection
  • Value iteration through data structures
  • Objects and Classes
  • Methods as objects’ behaviour
  • Encapsulation: hiding information
  • Inheritance: behaviours and characteristics

Python training will help you to understand the important components of it, like variables that stores assigned values, whereas conditional flow statement that describes what is inside the “if” statement. Python can be iterated in different forms. When you want to integrate them and store millions of variables then Python course will allow you to store it in a number of ways such as a list collection that can be used to store a list of values. Array, data structure, key-value data structure, etc which uses numeric, string and other types of indices to store a value.

Python training in Pune will teach you the key formation and its application in the dictionary with the corresponding value and for the dictionary key, attribute work as a parameter. Objects are the real-world parameter that shares data and behavior and a collective form of objects known as a class.

What are the features to lean during the Python course?

  • Python is the object-oriented programming language that defines attribute and behaviour in an easy way.
  • Encapsulation is the way to hide data which restrict the direct access to object’s data and method and facilitates operations on the data; these all feature you can explore during Python training.
  • Public instance variables and non-public instance variable are another featuring part of the Python which can be updated using a non-public variable as no-public part of API or within the class using the helper method.
  • Inheritance behaviour which borrows the parent characteristics and with some newly added characteristics in a child class. Python training institute in Pune has a team of experts that will show you the practical implementation of all these features with real-life examples.

Joining Python course in Pune will give you double benefits, primarily you will learn a Python and secondarily you become an objectifying part of the LotusITHub family. Every learner is an asset for us, to whom we groom with our excellent approach to shine in the world outside.

Pune’s Own banking coaching and training classes!

Do you Know, what exactly banking is? “Banking can be defined as a business activity of accepting and safeguarding money owned by other individuals and entities and then lending out this money in order to earn a profit” and at banking classes in Pune, you will come across the exact professional experience as defined.

Don’t get irritated! It is a generalized banking definition which you think of no use in the exams like RBI, IBPS, RRB and other private bank sectors. But until and unless you don’t understand the function of the field you are going to enter and the basic workflow of the banking sector you are just monotonously performing in exams without knowing the basics of Banking.

Why should I join Banking Classes in Pune?

Improve English Communication Skills With Ease, Now At Pune!

Banking coaching classes in Pune not only make you prepare for the banking exam but also give overall knowledge of this monitory management system. LotusITHub is an experienced brand in the education sector providing training to the student from different backgrounds and helping them to overcome the exam fear.

Our banking coaching classes in Pune meant to cover all the banking exams held in India which includes RBI (Assistant/officer grade2/Clerk), SBI (PO/Clerk), IBPS(PO/Clerk), IBPS RRB (PO/Clerk) and Private banks like ICICI, Canara, etc. We make our student prepare for with a step by step assistance like starting from basic coaching to make them ready for Preliminary exam, Mains exam and then for the Interview. We don’t just give them a dream but show them the path to achieve it and be with them to conquer all the odds to taste the success!

What exactly banking institute in Pune deal with?

 Is the common question in the minds of newbies or why banking classes is so well-known? Then visit us at our institute in Karve Nagar, Pune and you will get through the secrete of our success. We have certified tutors for individual sections like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, General awareness, and Computer Science. We make sure that our student receives every minute detail of each section and we keep them updated with news happening in the banking and around the world.

Sometimes learning is not enough to achieve the glory of success but the skill of presentation is also important and LotusITHub’s banking classes in Pune develop candidate’s overall personality to achieve that success!

Java Classes In Pune Gives Top 5 Reasons To Learn It Now!

More than half of the programming globe loves Java and use it as a reliable programming language. To learn Java, you have to understand its industry application and important aspects. You can understand it in an easy manner only at our Java training institute in Pune.

Java Classes In Pune

Easy and Open source

Java is easy to learn programming language which makes it convenient to go ahead and use it. It is concurrent which makes data processing parallel and platform independent shortly can be termed as a “WORA” which means “write once and run anywhere” – Java Completely support this feature so, in Java once write your application you can run it on any device or any machine. During Java courses in Pune, you will learn to explore the Java features and understand how its supportive environment makes it an open source and available to anyone. Everyone out there wants to set up their website for free, since Java is free one can easily build Java application at no cost. Java is one of the simplest and fundamental programming languages anyone can pick up.

Java EE and Its rich API

Java Enterprise Edition And its Rich API which you will learn at Java classes in Pune but why API is so popular? because it has no compatibility issues and handles a wide set of procedure and functions. It provides API for I/O, networking, utilities, XML parsing, DB connections, etc.

Tons of resources and community support

Java as a programming language is omnipresent which means it is present everywhere starting from your phone to set up box with an excellent support community and this you will learn at our Java training institute in Pune with its live demonstration. So learning is not a problem with java at Java classes in Pune we have numerous resources available at our door as a perfect companion.

Java Applications

Java is everywhere and it has an ocean of opportunities, there are some of the technologies with mixed use of Java. Web applications, Framework (Such as spring and hibernate), Android application development, Continuous testing (Selenium, QTP), Big data technology (Hadoop is extensively developed using Java), etc. Don’t worry! Java Coaching classes in Pune will make you aware of all these technologies in a very easy way.

Java Is Everywhere

We can find Java everywhere it’s on desktop, it’s on mobile, etc. Here are some of the business solutions where we can find Java applications such as Banking, Retail, Stock market, transaction management, Information technology, Medical field, Law, Science and research etc.

If you do the proper analysis, you can find a maximum opening for the java either at an individual level or as a skill set. It has a huge market and portability and versatility not soon going to lose its market impact. For more detail, you can reach out us at LotusITHub’s Java classes in Karve Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra.

Improve English Communication Skills With Ease, Now At Pune!

While choosing the career sectors like IT, Hospitality, Medicine, Marketing, business management, social work or any other what you needed is Knowledge about the field, Technicality, presentation skills and confidence. If you are good in technicality but you don’t have English communication skills to present it at that moment you will lose your confidence and come to backfoot. Just because of the language problem, you might miss many opportunities in your life. But how could I improve my English language? English coaching institutes in Pune can help you to overcome all these loopholes and make you a confident communicator.

Improve English Communication Skills With Ease, Now At Pune!

Being in any of the above business you need to have active or moreover proactive communication skills. Why am I emphasising on communication skills along with the English language? Spoken English Classes in Pune can give you a satisfactory answer in their training program.

Let me first tell you that knowing English doesn’t mean that you can speak fluent English. “English” is a language alike other language and “Communication” is a skill or art which you have to acquire either by yourself or with expert’s guidance. We don’t just put a dictionary in your hand to grab the words with the use of grammar. No, not at all! We have well-developed English-speaking institutes in Pune that will help you to understand the meaning of words, the flow of grammar, different flavours of language and our experts will guide you in developing communication skills while learning English.

LotusITHub is giving a complete package to learn and understand the glory and the richness of this language, as it is globally known and practised almost everywhere in the world as a common mode of communication. The best English-speaking classes in Pune will train your brain in multiple fronts, they will teach you how to think in English? How to express in English? How to represent your knowledge in an impressive way in English? And many such a thing that today you can’t! On the psychological front, we know that the brain has multiple sources to absorb the things happening around, and we utilize them all to engage your brain and make it a champ in the sector you are lacking i.e. English!

The best-spoken English classes in Pune work for those who literally want to work on their flaws and want to convey their ideas and thoughts to the world in a polished manner. Learning English is a continuous process it needs time, efforts, hard work, and more; but where will you get it? LotuITHub’s English speaking institute is the one-roof solution for all your problems. We will not only improve your speaking skills but also help you to develop your overall personality to present yourself in all the sectors.

For more detail, you click on and to get a quick scope of action right now!

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