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Laravel Course in Pune

Learning a new framework can be daunting, but it's also exciting. To smooth your transition, we've attempted to create very clear, laravel Classes in narhe.concise documentation for Laravel. Here are some recommendations for what to read first: Best Laravel classes in Pune,laravel Training Classes in narhe. Installation and Configuration Routing Requests & Input Views & Responses laravel Courses in narhe. Controllers Best Laravel classes in Karvenagar Pune

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Overview Of Laravel
Installing Laravel
Artisan CLI ( command-line interface )
Laravel Directory Structure
Configuring a new Laravel project
Artisan command to generate boilerplate code for a controller
Basic routing
Call a controller method from a route
Passing variables from controllers to views
Template inheritance
Master layout
Extending the master layout
Displaying variables
Blade conditional statements
Blade Loops
Executing PHP functions in blade
Displaying Your Views
Creating and using a basic views
Loading a view into another view/nested views
Adding assets
Integrating with Bootstrap
Requirements for running migrations
Artisan migration command
Migration structure
How to create a table using a migration
Laravel migration rollback
Database Seeding
Migrations for our project database
Creating contact us form
Validating user input
Sending email
Creating a file uploader
Validating a file uploader
Creating a custom error message
Using Artisan command to create inbuilt user register and login system – Authenticating Your Application
Adding Custom Fields to Registration Form
Creating user profile page
Setup Admin Panel using Bootstrap theme
Create Admin login
Creating an admin authentication system
Encrypting and decrypting data
Creating a basic controller
Creating a route using a closure
Making the controller RESTful
Using route groups
Building a RESTful API with routes
Eloquent ORM Models
Naming conventions
Table name and primary keys
Using models in controllers
Displaying data from models in views
Downloading and installing packages
Using a basic Shopping Cart package in our project
Getting data from another page
Setting up a controller to return JSON data
Creating a Jquery, AJAX comment system
Using Security
Sessions Effective