One of the best banking classes in Pune that help you achieve your dream job!

Looking for quality-oriented banking classes in Pune? Lotus IT Hub – a name synonymous with expert bank exam training provides the most rigid and in-depth guidance for bank job aspirants.  

One of the best banking classes in Pune that help you achieve your dream job!

The banking sector is one of the most sought job sectors for which thousands of people across India aspire for. To help you make a mark in these challenging exams, Lotus IT hub is here to help you out. With 50+ success stories, we are one of the most preferred banking classes in Pune

There are a couple of banking coaching classes in Pune, but what makes Lotus IT Hub stand apart from them is the quality of coaching and unique teaching methodology. We have been providing bank exam training in Pune for last 8 years.

We leave no stone untouched when it comes to preparing candidates for various banking exams. The topic covered include Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, English, IT, Current affairs and Banking.

What makes Lotus IT Hub the most preferred name for banking classes in Pune?


  • 8+ years of training experience
  • Comprehensive topic coverage
  • Interactive Teaching Methodology
  • Classroom Assignments
  • 50+ Success stories


We offer in-depth bank exam training in Pune for following levels:


  • Bank Probationary Officer (Bank PO)
  • Bank Clerks
  • Specialist Officers (SO)

At Lotus IT Hub’s IBPS training and coaching classes in Pune, we give special attention to each individual and look that there no doubt remains unsolved or stuck.

So, are you ready to crack Bank PO / IBPS/ Clerk or SO exams? If yes, join Lotus IT Hub Today! – one of the renowned banking classes in Pune.  We get down to the bedrock of all concepts and prepare you for the different banking exams in the smartest way.


Limited seats left at the best banking coaching classes in Pune, enrol today! Hurry Up!

Let’s set the concrete base of your career at Angularjs classes in Pune!

If you are in a search of Angular js training institute in Pune then I bet you, that you’re trying to find a way for your career. And that’s absolutely fine because you are chasing the right track. Lotus IT Hub in Karve Nagar Pune has the prolific trainers from the different fraternity who are eagerly waiting to guide this enthuse talent. When we think to learn any software language then, we must know two basic things; first its future scope and second do it helps to achieve your target?

angularjs classes in puneAngular js classes in Pune tell you how worth your decision is. a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web stable application framework used by millions of developers across the web. It is growing rapidly with its previous and upcoming release.

What you’ll learn at Angularjs training course

  • As per the future perspective, we will start from scratch at our institute to make you master in the field.

  • An aspirant ill learns here basic components, modules, pipes, directives and services of the angular js with its practical application on the industrial level.

  • For building web or application it has data binding and dependency injection which eliminate the code length. Many more tricks like this you will learn at Angularjs course in Pune which will help you in lowering the intensity of the tedious task

Five improved features of the Angular js

  • Build Optimizer
  • Compiler Improvements
  • Improved decorator support
  • Http Client instead of HTTP
  • Angular Universal Transfer API

At angularjs training institute in Pune you will learn fundamental as well as advanced features of the language. It is user-friendly with server-side due to its material designs components. While learning we will try to give you the practical approach about the platform which you can utilize in your future journey 
Angular js is fast growing and over-featured language, about which we will give you a sorted view to portray your future at Lotus IT Hub, Karve Nagar, Pune. Our fully optimized team of experts will make sure to give you proper knowledge about the language.

If you want to witness our achievements and work, kindly visit our website . It is high time, don’t over think! Just take an expert professional guidance and conquer the path of your brighter future with Lotus IT Hub Pune

Characteristic features of the Python Classes in Pune!

As per the expert’s opinion Python is the easiest language to learn and used which make you stand firm in this perfectly competitive nest of software. Python classes in Pune will give you that new high-level approach with its English like syntax. It is generously easy to learn and easy to extend language if you get proper professional guidance. It is cross-platform and can be used anywhere with other languages with different libraries and frameworks. This flexibility increases the features of the standard Python library. 

How Python training in Pune makes you specialize in the field?

Python is interpreted, interactive and object-oriented scripting language. It has a bulk of portable libraries which are compatible with Windows, UNIX and Macintosh. It has low-level modules which give privilege to the programmer to customize their tool. It has a shell scripting property and major commercial database interface. While attending Python course in Pune aspirant will learn the following concepts as well:

  • OOPs concepts with the structural programming method
  • Scripting language concept which is applicable to build large-scale applications.
  • It can be integrated with C, C++, COM, JAVA, etc.

Applicability of Python with SQL server:

  • At Python classes in Pune, you will understand the applicability of the language on different platforms and servers. SQL database administration is one of them.
  •  Python is also a leading machine learning language and has a large user base. 
  •  When it comes to dealing with large amounts of data Python, code as T-SQL script enables the machine learning capabilities, directly. 
  • SQL Server technologies work with in-memory tables and column-store indexes. Python code is also very easy to deploy and can be written directly inside of any Transact-SQL command.

Python training institute in Pune is all set to provide their aspirant basic to advanced knowledge about the language. Python programming paradigm treats computation as the mathematical evaluation of the functions.

Lotus IT Hub, Pune takes the privilege to boost up the young talent and make then qualified enough to stand ahead in the competition. Lotus IT Hub is situated in Karve Nagar Pune, where we are providing all software languages classes along with the complete preparation batches for the government competitive exams. For more detail, you can visit our website  or you can visit our premises and experience the free demo classes.

From Basic to Advanced – Complete Integrated Python Classes in Pune

Python is an interpreted high-level programming language. It is easy to learn because of its scripting and programming advantages. When it comes to quick and crisp application development then Python is the first choice for developers. To learn complete Language join Python classes in Pune, here you will receive a practical implementation of the language with its theoretical knowledge.

Python Courses in Pune

It is versatile development programming language used on the operating system like Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS. The characteristic features of the Python are:

  • Interactive
  • Interpreted
  • Modular
  • Dynamic
  • Object-oriented Portable
  • High level
  • Extensible in C++ & C


Why one should join Python Coaching Classes in Pune?



  • It consists of Extensive standard libraries which include string operations, web service tools, operating system interfaces, the internet and protocols


  • Due to its multi-features, unit testing, Speed and high control capabilities with nested protocol network it increases the gross productivity of the application. Its implementation in commercial application is taught by the trainer in the Python training institute in Pune.


  • Python is comprised of third-party modules which have the Python Package Index. It is capable of interacting with most of the languages and platforms.


  • It is OSI approved Open Source and Community Development language which make it distributed and free to use in numerous modules.


Python Courses in Pune is comprised of:


If you are thinking to join Python coaching in Pune, then we are famous for our coaching techniques, as we have well-sorted training patterns with the proficient trainer. We teach from basic to the advancement in that particular language. For beginners, we give them basic training from installation whereas repeater can also resume with us.


Lotus IT Hub is the reputed computer training institute in Karve Nagar, Pune provides you with the easy way to learn and understand the Python language. Python is globally used official programming language, for which we provide coaching as well as practical tutorials. Make your quick move to join widely acclaimed Python Classes in Pune. To know more about us you can visit our website  or visit our premises in Karve Nagar, Pune on given address.

Find the best Banking Coaching Classes in Pune near you!

“We Build a Pyramid of Success”

Among the thousands of people, when you think about your career then you encounter with the random thoughts and get confused. So, now just get relaxed! Take a long breath and join Banking classes in Pune. Lotus IT Hub in Pune is the training institute renowned for their top notch professional guidance and productive result. It is one of the best banking exam training institutes in Pune has a record of student selection in the bank exams every year. As you know for banking lacks of applications come and thousands will get selected, so to cater this difficult path you needed a proper supervision with time management skills, which you will improve at bank exam training institute in Pune.

Banking classes in Pune

  • Join Banking Classes in Pune and increase your chances of clearing exams

To go through all the tier of banking exam you require a step by step guidance, and disciplined coaching. We have a talented tutor who is well prepared and scheduled guideline structure for their aspirants. As per the candidate requirements and exams patterns like IBPS PO, SBI PO, IBPS SO, RBI PO, RRB, etc. according to that we have the coaching pattern, syllabus, and notes, are available. At our Banking coaching classes in Pune we have an unbiased and an interactive teaching environment for all our aspirants.

  • How IBPS training classes in Pune will help you in trekking this mountain?

When we think to build the foundation of our banking aspirant’s career, then we make their base firm on which they are going to build the sky scrappers of their future. We have a team of passionate people who will teach their student how to reach the pinnacle of success. To crack the banking exams like IBPS, SBI, and RBI we have brilliant faculty to give you a fantabulous result with the banking classes in Pune. IBPS is one of the tough exams, and for that we provide special coaching to emphasize its importance to the student.

Lotus IT Hub, Karve Nagar, Pune is an elite banking training institute in Pune with its outstanding faculty. They have student centric teaching facility for all the banking exams like IBPS clerk, IBPS PO, RBI PO, and many more. They are available on all digital platforms will e-notes. 24/7 guidance with exhaustive study material and test series are the forte of the banking coaching classes in Pune. To get the more information you can visit our premises in Karve Nagar Pune or visit our website to look after our services.

English Speaking Classes in Pune motivates you to pursue your goal

Thinking to take a step ahead in a competition joins English speaking classes in Pune. English is the universally accepted language spoken by the millions of people around the globe. To walk on a parallel path with the world join the best spoken English classes in Pune. For the aspiring candidates English is not the language, it is an unstoppable flow of knowledge which gives you the confidence to stand firmly on the world stage. The best spoken English classes in Pune award you that assurance of performing on any platform to achieve the success.

English Speaking classes in Pune is an amazing journey to operate, but while doing so we take care of every aspect and perspective of people who are directly or indirectly involved in the process.

  • Spoken English classes in Pune helps you in developing your personality

LotusITHub is the complete package deal for an aspiring candidate; it not only focuses on your educational perfection but helps you in sharpening your extracurricular skills also. Other than syllabus they focus on

  • Communication: It’s easy to mug up the syllabus and score, but English is not that easy to learn and moreover to communicate, for that you need practice and guidance from experts which you can acquire at English speaking classes in Pune.
  • Critical thinking: Our professional experts provide you with an encouraging environment and give an appropriate direction to your thinking. They teach you how to analyse the situation and think out of the box by giving practical examples and some fun loving tasks
  • Collaboration: Being an individual it is very important to portray an image in a crowd, the best English speaking classes in Pune teach you that self-presentation skills. They teach how to put your opinion in front of people without disrespecting them or without hearting their sentiments.
  • Creativity: Everyone has that hidden artist inside but we help them to that out and do some innovative things which help them to boost up the confidence.
  • Cultural awareness: While working in a multicultural environment in India or out of India it is important to respect every culture, which is an unbreakable aspect of humanity this


  • English Speaking classes in Pune gives you Platform for standing firmly on a world stage.

They provide you step by step education as ‘Slow and Steady wins the race” because there is no shortcut to success. For achieving any you have to do a smart work and for that, you needed a professional guidance which you will receive at the best spoken English classes in Pune

  • Best Spoken English classes in Pune give you virtues for future

English is an International language for communication it is the only medium for surviving out the country, therefore it has this much importance. To make your future perspective clear and learn English from an expert professional then join English speaking course in Pune.

LotusITHub is located in Karve Nagar Pune, if you are aspirant then don’t waste your time and seize this glorious opportunity. Join our Spoken English classes in Pune to carve your future by your own way.


6 reasons why Lotus IT Hub is one of the best Python classes in Pune

Are you looking for best Python classes in Karve nagar ? You have landed at the right place. Lotus IT Hub offers best Python training in Pune. Python being a very popular programming language, many students will to pursue learning it. It has lots of benefits and does have a great scope too. Best part of learning Python language is, there is no need of core knowledge of other programming languages such as C, C++, .NET and Java. Any student or working individual can easily learn Python programming language. Python is an object-oriented language with dynamic linguistics.

In today’s world, if you want to succeed in IT sector, being an all-rounder is very important. IT professionals must learn Python language to compete well in the IT industry as the language has great importance and i used to program CGI for internet applications. So where can you get best Python courses in Karve nagar?

6 reasons why Lotus IT Hub is the one stop solution for Python courses in warje?

  1. Cost-effective- Being in this field for years, the founder of Lotus IT Hub understands the value of learning new technology and updation of technical knowledge. Hence, to facilitate students and working people, we offer you best Python training in Pune and best  class Python courses in warje, pune at a very reasonable cost.
  2. Anyone can join- We do not have any barrier of trainees’ criteria. It is not at all mandatory for you to be a student only. Not only students but also people with different backgrounds such as Automation engineers, quality analysts, DevOps, Data analyst, System administrator, UI developers, etc can get the benefit of learning Python.
  3. Time flexibility- We offer number 1 Python courses in Pune and do not want our students to miss any class due to their office and college timings. We have certain sets of classes arranged in different times to facilitate our students.
  4. Practical projects- We being one of the best Python classes in Pune, let our students work on practical live projects. It helps them get the proper idea how to work on the language and how to implement the codes.
  5. Experienced lecturers- Lotus IT Hub has highly experienced and skilled professional resources. Our resources not only possess good experience, but also help students get good opportunities from career point of view and deliver number 1 Python training in Pune.
  6. Other facilities- We do have computer systems with good configuration, spacious classrooms, comfortable chairs, proper parking and good quality projectors. This makes us best Python classes in Pune.

Call today to get benefits from the best Python classes in Pune. Lotus IT Hub is the right place to get robust Python training in Pune.

Best Spoken english classes in Pune


Tense refers to the form of the verb in a sentence to indicate the connection
to time of the action or state being described by the verb.
To get the proper tense,the form of the verb is modified to indicate two aspects:

1. The timeframe in which the action or state is.

2. The status of the action or the state within that timeframe.

(1) Ramesh goes to school.
(2) Naresh is going to school.
spoken english classes in karvenagar pune

The first sentence indicates that Ramesh goes to school – a general fact,while the second
sentence indicates that Naresh is going to school at the present moment.

The change in the form of the verb in reference to the timeframe of the action or status
being described is known as tense.
english speaking course in karvenagar pune

There are 3 major timeframes according to which the verbs are modified.

1. The present- the current time
2. The past – time that has already been crossed
3. The future – time yet to come
english speaking course in  pune


1. Indefinite : The indefinite form is used to describe a general fact or a habit.
2. Continuous : The continuous form specifies that the action being described is under
progress not yet competed.
3. Perfect: This is the form that indicates that within the specified timeframe the action
being described has been completed.
4. Perfect continuous : The perfect form is used to describe events that have been
occuring on a regular/repeated basis for a some time.
english speaking course in pune

PRESENT TENSE – the current time.
1. Simple present tense : In simple present, the action is simply mentioned and there
is nothing being said it’s completeness.

e.g I eat an apple.
best Spoken English classes in narhe pune

Present Indefinite Rules
We use the present rule, when an action is happening right now,or when it happens

Singular : 1st first 2nd per 3rd person
I you He/she/it/Name

Plural : We You They

I,You,We, They-used”verb 1st form” for positive sentences and donot + 1st form for
negative sentences.

He,She,it,name – We mainly used ‘s/es’ form for positive sentences and does not+
first form for negatives sentences.

For a few verbs,the third person singular ends with-es instead of -s, whose root form ends
in O,ch,th,ss,gh,or z.

For neagtive simple present – do/does + not.

2. Present Continuous Tense : In present Continuous,the action is on going/still going on
and hence continuous.
english speaking course in karvenagar pune

e.g I am eating an apple.
Rules :-

Positive : Subject + is/am/are +V1+ing+Object
Negative : Subject + is/am/are/+not+verb1+ing +object.

Interrogative :

Is/Am/Are + Subject +V1+ing +Object

3. Present Perfect Tense : In Present Perfect Tense,the action is complete, or has
ended and hence termed perfect.

e.g I have eaten an apple.
best english speaking course in kothrud pune

Rules :

Positive :

Negative :
Subject + Has/Have+not+V3+Object


4.Present Perfect Continuous Tense : In Present Perfect tense,the action has
been taking place for some time and is still on-going

e.g I have been eating an apple since morning

Rules :-

Positive :
Subject+Has/Have+Been+V1+ing+Object+For/Since+Time +Remaining.

For => Uncertain
Since => Certain Time

Negative :
Subject + Has/Have+Not+Been+V1+ing+Object+For/Since+Time+Remaning

Interrogative :

Simple Past Tense : In Simple past, the action is simply mentioned and undertand
to have taken place in the past.

e.g I ate an apple

Rules :-

Positive : Subject + V2 + Object

Negative : Subject Did not + V2 +Object

Interrogative :

2. Past Continuous :

In Past Continuous, the action was on going till a certain time in the past.

e.g I was eating an apple.

Rules :-

Positive :- Subject + Was/Were+V1+ing+Object
Negative : Subject + Was/Were +not+V1+ing+Object

Interrogative :
Was/Were + Subject +V1+ing+Object

3. Past Perfect Tense :

Past Perfect is used to express somthing that happenedn before another action in the
the past
english speaking classes in pune

e.g I had eaten an apple

Rules :

Positive : subject + Had + V3 + Object
Negative : Subject + Had + not +V3+Object

Interrogative :

4. Past Perfect Continuous :

past perfect continuous is used to express something started in the past and
continued untill another time in the past

e.g I had been eating an apple since morning.

Rules :

Positive :

Negative :

Interrogative :
Had + Subject+ Been+V1+ing +Object+For/Since+Time+Remaining
english speaking classes in narhe pune

1. Simple Future : Simple Future is used when we plan or make a decision to do something
Nothing is said about the time in the future.

e.g I will eat an apple.
english speaking classes in karvenagar pune
best english speaking classes in warje pune

Rules :

Positive :
Subject + Will/Shall+V1+Object

Negative :

Interrogative :

Will/Shall + Subject + V1 + Object

2. Future Continuous :
The future continuous tense is used to express action at a particular moment
in the future. However, the action will not finished at the moment.

e.g I will eating at 9 am.

Rules :


Negative :

Interrogative :

best spoken english classes in pune

No.1 Aptitude classes in Pune

“APTITUDE“ is something very important especially for students who are trying to enter corporate world or going to write any competitive exams. I personally feel “Aptitude is not knowledge or skills that one has learned over the years, it’s a “natural talent” that someone posses.” However, it can be explored and developed within by us and that can be achieved by understanding and practicing the concepts of aptitude.

Best Aptitude classes in pune

An individual with good aptitude skills are considered better than others because they are fast at their mind and good at problem solving skills. Thus aptitude has become the most important soft skill these days.


This is the question that many never think of and just start preparing blindly. However, during my on-campus placements, this was the doubt I had “Of all skills why aptitude skills are always tested first and given high importance in any competitive exams we write” After a bit of research I found its importance in corporate world and competitive exams Aptitude classes in pune, Best Aptitude coaching classes in pune,

In corporate world
The statistics reveal that 70 percent of world’s recruitment companies use aptitude test as a part of their recruitment procedure. These types of tests often permit potential companies to learn more about candidate’s personality and abilities. This is really significant as the recruitment is not all about what one needs or what one wants, or how they prepare for interviews. Employers wish to be certain that they are going to recruit the right individual who is able to work with company’s clients and build up a reputation. An inappropriate worker could probably add to the cost of the firm, in terms of money, time as well as effort.
Recruiters will put to use several methods to sort out and do away with persons from the selection procedure. Conventionally, covering letters or CVs are utilized, but firms often get hundreds of job applications for every job vacancy. So, aptitude tests are cost-effective and simple ways for sorting out candidates to select right individuals. Beforehand preparation is very important, as saying goes ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Best banking classes in pune,
Best Bank po coaching in pune ,aptitude classes in pune,
In competitive exams
The reasons for aptitude being tested are the same. Lakhs of students apply for few hundred seats. This leaves the institute no other option. Each institute can’t have entrance test of their own, it will be tedious and complicated process for both students and institute.
Ibps classes in pune,

No.1 Java classes in pune

java is known as technologies the ultimate Java hub. JavaWorld is the leading independent resource for enterprise Java developers, java classes in karve nagar pune,architects and managers who want to stay up-to-date and learn more
about Java-related technologies.Now days Most of the Company looking for security so java is very secure, JavaWorld is a community for like-minded programmers,

Java is the best best platform to bulit GUI Application, desktop application, java training in pune, exploring everything from learning Java basics, to open source Java, all the way to programming career news and opportunities. java courses in pune,
why java is very popular beacuse it’s convertes in byte which encrepted form
huge api on java,in core java topic are very interested like interface,String handling,
Collection,by Collection we can record data very easily ArrayList, TreeSet Many more Topice very power full, java certfication in karvenagar pune
Java is more secure to other language like c,c++,php,.net,sql best java classes in karve nagar pune, best java classes in pune, Lotus it hub is the best training institute in pune,

Lotus it hub’s Benefits to Student:

* Hands on Project Experience exposures in the Lab session
* Real Time case studies to practice
* Free Technical Support after Course Completion
* Back up Classes Available
* LAB Facility
* Free Wifi to learn subject
* Latest Study Material
* Fast Track and Normal Batches available

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